Eugene Oregon Construction

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Kimball Construction In Eugene Oregon

Roman Anderson pioneered Kimball Construction in 2010 when he decided to apply his business knowledge to his professional career in construction. Kimball Construction has established a portfolio of business and residential buildings to be very proud of through hard work and treating people correctly. Roman is supported by a team of skilled administrative and industrial personnel who all share the same values that helped build the company: treating people with respect, continuous progress, and loving what we do. With the few years of existence, Kimball Construction has outshined other construction firms due to its unique operation. The following are some of our unique way to success:

  • We believe that we empower our clients. We provide you with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision in plain English. No one will ever force you to do anything, and no one will ever speak down to you.
  • As our custom, we pay attention as you tell us your expectations. Listening to your requirements and letting you know how to satisfy them is the most fantastic method to grasp your objectives.
  • Every decision we make is predicated on completing high-quality remodels as quickly as possible in the Eugene, Oregon region. We only utilize the best materials, tools, and carpenters. We abide by all laws and regulations, and everything we do is up to standards and well-constructed.
  • We are excellent at paperwork. Your paperwork is prepared and cleared by professional personnel.
  • For assurance and contact maintenance, we back up everything we do with a one-year warranty.
  • We are excellent planners, and we make sure every detail of your task will be checked before we start, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and to your satisfaction.
  • We are very much time conscious. We value your time and believe that this reflects the quality of our work.

Reaching Us and Meet Up

When you initially contact us, we will ask you a few simple questions about what you want to be done. We’ll set up a time to meet that works for you because we’ll most likely need to meet in person to understand the project better. One of our project managers will visit with you at your convenient place and time to review your project and discuss options and finances. This meeting is usually an hour long and maybe planned around your schedule.

Design Agreement

You may have an idea of what you want at times, but you don’t have a formal strategy. Don’t worry! We have an alternative plan. Based on your ideas, we’ll create a basic set of drawings for you, from which various builders may offer estimates. The alternative is great because it’s cheap and ensures that all of your quotes compare comparable projects.

When you’re working with an architect or designer but the blueprints aren’t finished, we’ll draw out a contract to secure a spot on our manufacturing schedule so that we can get started as soon as your designs are complete. This is an excellent alternative because standard project lead times may be rather long. Therefore this dramatically reduces lead times.

Project Presentation

If your designs are entirely ready for clearance, we will generate a proposal for your project that includes our bid. We will apply the cost of any past design development or reservation agreements to the deposit for your new proposal. This is the final step before we begin working on your project.


Before we start building, we send you a list of house finish options to be included in the proposal that we sign with you. We’ll be working on design, construction clearances, arranging sub-contractors, and compiling material lists while you’re working on finish options.

During Construction to Completion

We will send you a progress report daily that we work on your project, detailing what we accomplished that day. Every week, you’ll meet with your project manager to review what we did the previous week, what we’ll do the following week, and what changes need to be made. For the success of the project, communication is critical.

Once we’ve completed the majority of the work, your project manager will begin working on a checklist of items that need to be completed and sending one to the owner to do on their own. The two lists will be combined into a single comprehensive list, and we will begin working on the things on that list. The project will be completed after those items have been handled to everyone’s satisfaction.

Post-construction and warranty

After all the work has been completed, our accounting staff will create a statement that details every change and any outstanding balances or credits. All of our projects come with a ten-year fault guarantee and a one-year cosmetic warranty.

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