Thank you for your interest in the beauty and purity of Oregon, and the inspiration behind MLROregon.com. While those of you who are from Oregon probably already know, this amazing state is known for stuff like awesome beer and incredible bike and hiking trails. We know it has Mount Hood.

But it goes so much further – and deeper. Like, REALLY deep – as in Crater Lake (being the deepest fresh water lake in the US at 1,949 feet/594 m). And, as someone who lives in a non-sales-tax state, that’s another reason to love Oregon – there isn’t any sales tax!

Did you know that the Burnside Skatepark (Portland, OR) is THE place to go if you want to see phenomenal skateboarding? Or, did you know that there are about 363 MILES of coastline in Oregon? Yes! And its beauty is absolutely breathtaking. Getting back to the pristine bits… you know about the forests, lakes and mountains. But there is another, exceptional reason why Oregon is one state that I seriously bow to: LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT.

I just with other states would follow in their (low carbon) footsteps – Oregon  is one of the most eco-friendly states thus far, and has more “green building” certifications per capita than any of our other great states, and is also a national leader when it comes to recycling and energy efficiency. Now, if we could spread a little of this throughout the rest of our nation, we’d be on track for better times. Let us hope.